2020 Calendar


Examinations week starts Monday 6 July 2020.  All exams must be completed by Friday 10 July 2020 at the latest.

Exam entries to be confirmed by Friday 26 June 2020.  This years exams are likely to be carried out online.  The cost examinations this year is £5/student.  All students are expected to participate in the exams.


National Qiraat, Adhaan, Speech, Naat, Nasheed Competition

Saturday 24 October 2020 at the EIC.   Deadline for submissions is 16 October 2020 (no changes permitted after this date).

This year we have the following categories for boys and girls: Qiraat, English Speech, Naat, Mastermind, Arts.

The Nasheed competition is for girls only, the Adhaan is for Boys only.


Online Teacher Training

Sessions are to be held as follows:

Midlands TBC.

Northzone TBC.

Southzone TBC.

Glasgow TBC.

As always attendance of ALL teachers and education committee members is essential.


Islamic Dates of Importance

22 March 27 Rajab Night of Isra and Mi’raj
25 March – 8 April 1-15 Sha’ban Voluntary fasting
8 April 15 Sha’ban Night of forgiveness
24 April 1st Ramadhan First day of obligatory fasting
10 May 17th Ramadhan Battle of Badr
13 May 20th Ramadhan Conquest of Makkah
13 – 23 May 20-30th Ramadhan I’tikaf
20 May 27th Ramadhan Revelation of the Qur’an begins
24 May 1st Shawwal Eid Al-Fitr
24 – 29 May Shawwal 6 days of fasting
23 – 31 July 1-10 Dhul Hijjah Blessed days for worship
29 July – 2 August 8-12 Dhul Hijjah Days of Hajj
30 July 9 Dhul Hijjah Yawm Al-Arafat
31 July 10 Dhul Hijjah Eid Al-Adha
20 August 1 Muharram Hijri New Year
29 August 10 Muharram Yawm Al-Ashura
29 October 12 Rabi Al Awwal Birth of Prophet (saw)