UKIM National Qiraat, Adhaan and Awards Ceremony 2016

The UKIM National Qiraat, Adhaan and Awards Ceremony 2016 was held at the European Islamic Centre in Oldham on Saturday 5 November 2016.  The event was chaired by Adrees Sharif (Paigham-e-Islam) and Aisha Zahid (Walsall).

This year followed a different format to previous years in that there was no Naat competition and no English or Urdu speeches.  These were replaced by a Muslims in Britain theme Arts competition, Adhaan competition for boys and recognition award.  The inclusion of Adhaan has the benefit of incorporating madrassah students into the masjid as a whole; with the help of dedicated Adhaan lessons the quality of Adhaan being given at masjids will InshaAllah see a big improvement.

For the Arts competition children were asked to design a poster on A3 paper with the theme ‘Muslims in Britain’.  All pupils were allowed to submit one piece of artwork, this enabled all of our students to be participants in a national competition..  The prizes of trophies and art sets were awarded based on originality of design, creativity and how well the theme has been covered.

The recognition awards are to recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of our learners.  Head teachers were asked to send two submission essays (approx. 100 words each) from their madrassah.  Achievements included personal, academic, sports, work they have undertaken in the community, etc.  A selected panel chose winners based on accomplishments that merit recognition and publicity to serve as inspiration

The following branches participated:

North zone Midland zone South Zone
1 Burnley Birmingham Alumrock London Bilal Masjid
2 Bradford Byron Street Birmingham Paigham London Ibrahim Masjid
3 Oldham EIC Birmingham Sparkbrook Luton North
4 Glasgow Blackheath Luton South
5 Keighley Walsall
6 Manchester South Wolverhampton
7 Manchester North
8 Nelson
9 Oldham Noor-ul-Islam
10 Rochdale Neeli
11 Rochdale Newbold
12 York


Overall competitions were as follows:

Competition/Award Judges Prizes
Primary School Girls Qiraat

Secondary School Girls Qiraat

Maulana M Sajjad (Birmingham)

Marjan Jamal (EIIS)

Miriam Moazam (EIIS)

1st Trophy + Amazon Tablet

2nd Trophy + £30 voucher

3rd Trophy + £20 voucher

Medals for all runners-up

Primary School Age Qiraat

Secondary School Boys Qiraat

Primary School Boys Adhaan

Secondary School Boys Adhaan

Sheikh Bilal Brown (EIC)

Muhammad Afzaal (EIC)

Hafiz M Saleem (EIC)

1st Trophy + Amazon Tablet

2nd Trophy + £30 voucher

3rd Trophy + £20 voucher

Medals for all runners-up

Primary School Arts

Secondary School Arts

Aisha Zahid (Walsall)

Afra Akmal (Walsall)

1st Trophy + Art Set

2nd Trophy + Art Set

3rd Trophy + Art Set

Medals for all runners-up

Primary School Recognition

Secondary School Recognition

Adrees Sharif (Birmingham)

Muhammed Saqib (Rochdale)

Haroon Rashid (Walsall)

Seharish Akhtar (Walsall)

Shahzad Amin (Manchester)

1st Trophy + Amazon Tablet

2nd Trophy + £30 voucher

3rd Trophy + £20 voucher

Medals for all runners-up

iCare Appeal Individual

iCare Appeal Branch

Fahad Khan (iCare)

Irman Tariq (Walsall)

Acer Tablet

£100 voucher


As well as the above competitions there were outstanding nasheed and role play performances from the Manchester Khizra Girls classes.  Presentations were carried out by Fahad Khan from iCare and Qari Jahangir Badr from UKIM Youth.  Maulana Sajjad concluded the day with a sincere thanks to everyone for all of their efforts and a dua.

The winners of the speech competitions were as follows:

Competition/Award Prize Boys Girls
Primary School Qiraat 1st Mahmood Abdul Qadr (Glasgow) Mehak Hussain (Glasgow)
2nd Wakil Rahman (Birmingham Sparkbrook) Fatima Ahmed (London Bilal Masjid)
3rd Imam Ali (Walsall) Fahmida Begum (Walsall)
Secondary School Qiraat 1st Fazil Khan (Manchester Khizra) Ameena Ouadi (Rochdale Madina)
2nd Muhammed Usman (Birmingham Paigham) Nishat Jahangir (Luton)
3rd Mohamed Danina (York) Maimoonah Yaasmeen (Rochdale Neeli)
Primary School Adhaan 1st Qasim Ubaid (Glasgow)
2nd Husnain Ahmed (London Bilal Masjid)
3rd Wasiq Rehman (Bradford Byron St)
Secondary School Adhaan 1st Hammad Rehman
2nd Abdoulaye Diallo
3rd Atif Khan
Primary School Arts 1st Ali Latif (Wolverhampton)
2nd Abdullah Kaab (Rochdale)
3rd Hafsah Ali Malik (Wolverhampton)
Secondary School Arts 1st Siraj Nadeem (Keighley)
2nd Nazeefah Yasmin (EIC)
3rd Nimrah Ali
Primary School Recognition 1st Suhayb Tariq (EIC)
2nd Zarin (York)
3rd Asim Khan (Keighley)
Secondary School Recognition 1st Layla Al Gmati (York)
2nd Ibrahim Salimi (Walsall)
3rd Maneesa Ahmed (Glasgow)
iCare Appeal Individual 1st Yusuf Anwar (Luton) for raising £559
iCare Appeal Branch 1st Manchester Khizra for raising £2763.65


The awards ceremony was led by Mian Abdul Haq (Senior Vice President UKIM) and Sisters Abida Ashraf (UKIM Sisters).  Our sincere thanks also go to UKIM Youth and the EIC team for their support throughout the day.

The aims of the day was to enjoy, inspire and bring out the very best in our children.  In this respect the day was an overwhelming success as the children competed to the highest standards, had fun throughout the day and had their efforts recognised, celebrated and awarded.