Islamic Studies Level 3


The Level 3 book is intended for children ages 7–10 who have completed the Level 2 book from Weekend Learning or who have a similar knowledge base of Islam. This is their second or third year in a formal Islamic class.

The Level 3 book further develops the basic concepts learned previously. The book has 6 units and 29 lessons. Students will learn why we worship and the reasons for worshipping in prescribed formats. Students will also learn the qualities of our Iman and some of the duties Allah wants us to perform in addition to our ritual duties. The life of Nabi Muhammad (S) is divided into Makkah and Madinah periods to provide additional details. A brief history of some of the messengers of Allah is also included. Topics on Islamic adab and akhlaq continue to be covered in this grade. All lessons are presented thematically in distinct units.

Page: 240
Binding: Paperback



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