Life of Rasūlullāhﷺ: Madinah Period


This two-volume biography from Weekend Learning Publishers, titled Life of Rasūlullāhﷺ  is designed for students in weekend and fulltime Islamic schools. Students who are in 6-10 grade will benefit most from this textbook.

  • The experiences and events of Rasūlullāh’sﷺ life are explained in a manner to build the moral and spiritual character of students.
  • The books do not simply narrate the events, but they promote personal reflection so students might internalize the morals of actions of Rasūlullāhﷺ and the divinely planned events that affected Rasūlullāh’sﷺ life.
  • Each chapter helps students understand the divine wisdom behind many of the events.
  • The use of timelines, maps, chapter notes, and simple graphics aid inconcept building.
  • Each chapter is divided into short sections with distinct sub-headings for easy comprehension.
  • Each chapter is a separate lesson, therefore, it is ideal for one class period.
  • The sequential development of events and the connections between them are maintained from lesson to lesson.
  • End-of-chapter questions and question banks help to reinforce learning.


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